bpd, Poetry

Borderline Personality Disorder

You are a true bitch, changing things at the drop of a hat.

Then the flip of a switch, everything is okay just like that.

When you love it is to the extreme, changing in an instant becoming hateful and mean.

Then you finally feel you belong, only to find you were wrong.

Approval you will always seek, I believe it makes you weak.

Open wounds do not scar, you just want to be loved for who you are.

The pain of the past doesn’t have to last. Talk about it hand it to the savior, the fire is lit changing your behavior.

You may not be as good as before, but a bitch you will be no more.

Jill L. Ware

1 thought on “Borderline Personality Disorder”

  1. I’ve had bipolar for over 15 yrs and diagnosed with bpd 2 yrs ago. I’ve come along way with bipolar but the bod is still new to me. It’s like I have to start over figuring out how to affects me. It’s always nice to read over blogs like urs where I feel I can relate. Makes me realise I’m not so alone, thank u.


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