I See

                               I See

A deer grazing as I pass by,

A Majestic bird soaring in the sky.

The waves wash upon the shore,

The mighty elm next door.

A vibrant cardinal perched in a tree,

The dolphin as it crosses the sea.

A mountain off in the distance,

The Rockies for instance.

The innocent smile of a baby,

The beauty in every Lady.

The strength and honor of man,

Imagine, see all that I can. Believe there is a God.

And that he could end us with a nod.

See all that I see.

Our lakefront property. #godisreal #anxiety #borderlinepersonality

Published by Jill L. Ware

Hello! I am a lot of things. First and foremost, I am me. Like it or leave it I believe God made me just as I am. That I need to go through these trials and tribulation to become who it is I am meant to be. does it suck? yes it does. I have two sons and three granddaughter and one on the way. I've been diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder for several years. This is a way to let my words out, get them out of my head. You are not alone in your struggle with these diseases, it's exhausting trying to be normal. Or what we percieve as normal.

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