Quiet Please

                          Quiet Please

I wish I could slow down, take a break.

I thought it would be different at the lake.

But my mind just does not stop,

My brain is full, about to pop.

What was it I forgot to do,

I’m sorry if I yelled at you.

Straighten the rug please,

Hurry before someone sees.

Who cares if it’s not straight,

Hurry before it’s to late,

I hate that I am manic,

But it isn’t going to make me panic.

Don’t worry it’s not my first episode,

It ‘ll be better after I explode.

Just pray you aren’t the one in my path,

Or likely it will be you that catches my wrath

I am nice as most of you see,

But it’s not all fun to be me.

I struggle to keep my head straight,

Sometimes feeling I never left the gate.

Now my brain isn’t so wired,

In matter of fact I am quite tired.

I’ll pray for tomorrow to be a better day,

So off to bed I am on my way.

                                           Jill L. Ware

Be Still like the water. #bipolar #borderlinepersonalitydisorder

Published by Jill L. Ware

Hello! I am a lot of things. First and foremost, I am me. Like it or leave it I believe God made me just as I am. That I need to go through these trials and tribulation to become who it is I am meant to be. does it suck? yes it does. I have two sons and three granddaughter and one on the way. I've been diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder for several years. This is a way to let my words out, get them out of my head. You are not alone in your struggle with these diseases, it's exhausting trying to be normal. Or what we percieve as normal.

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