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Change The Thought

I tell people like me with mental illness to change the thought all the time. This last episode, even though I knew I wasn’t thinking correctly, I couldn’t get out of my head. I would convince myself that I was being normal. Just because I wanted to do something so badly didn’t make it wrong. But all it took was one message from an old friend (I thought) to blow my world up all over again. Just like 30 years ago. People that say or do mean things to you on purpose are not your friends. Unfortunately, when I have these diagnoses which make me question wether they were mean or if I just perceived them as being mean because of my mood disorder. Nope he was mean as could be. Knew it would hurt me. I let the last time he did this affect me MANY years. I will not do that this time. I’m trying to convince myself I am stronger now than I was then. I have all these people that love me. It’s the people pleaser in me, every one must love me. #hurtmenomore

Broken hearts mend
#bipolar #borderline #anxiety

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