Am I Falling?

My sister called to check on me today. I let her know I was fine. Which she questioned, “Are you sure?”. Yes I am. I had my feelings hurt, but I am a grown woman and will be fine. I have many things on my plate,which she says is me flying into flight.

Informing me that when I’m writing or journaling it means that I’m manic. I second guess wether she is correct or not. It helps me get my thoughts out of my head. And on paper it seems easier to sort out.

I could hear in her voice that she is struggling with something. I think to myself is she wanting my episode to be over so she can have hers. I always feel the need to protect her from hurt as she does me. All I know is that the both of us have heard enough mean words to last a lifetime.

I’m keeping an eye on me. And I have lots of people that love me and watch me closely. I truly enjoy writing poetry and journaling. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of anything I write. Like I said before, this will be my good, bad and ugly. Not so ugly lately. So I take three steps forward and two back, it is still progress.

#bipolar #depression #anxiety #borderlinepersonalitydisorder

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