I Am She

She lived her life only for that day,

Walking alone and scared.

If she knew the world would be this way,

She never would have cared.

She cries herself to sleep,

To her, his promises he’d never keep.

Her pillow soaking up the tears,

To her months felt like years.

How he truly felt she was unaware,

Otherwise, she wouldn’t of followed him everywhere.

He wasn’t just her friend,

Sooner or later it was destined to end.

She plays scenarios over in her head,

She’s sure his actions weren’t misread.

She knows it wasn’t a lie,

That he loved her and didn’t have to try.

It seems 100 years have gone by,

He rejects her, I don’t know why.

She will forgive him once again,

So that her mind he doesn’t win.

I am she,

And no longer need him to love me.

Jill L. Ware

#depression #love #bipolar #borderline

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