Blog, My Winnie Minnie Wasnt to good to be true

My Winnebago Minnie Winnie Wasn’t To Good To Be True

My husband and I had been looking for an RV for almost two years. Two weeks ago on our way home from a short vacation at Lake of the Ozarks my sister sent me a Facebook post for an RV that was $5000. The pictures were great. It had to be a scam. My mother always says, “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.”

We went to look at it and it was amazing. After handing the gentleman my money he stated he had not titled it yet that I could just put it in the mail for him. He handed me a bill of sale. When we got our precious Minnie home I noticed the bill of sale hadn’t been signed and found out it was considered an open title. I then contacted the person and made arrangements to meet at the DMV. Two times they stood me up.

That’s when my paranoia took over. In my mind I was thinking that the guy selling it to us was not the guy on the title and had killed the actual owner. In my defense he stood me up twice. I had imagined and episode of Breaking Bad. That stuff happens everyday. But my mind imagined an entire scenario. Eventually they did contact me and do the title work.

My sister told me she was at a loss on what to say to me. She had never seen me so far out there, and that is saying something.

P.S. We love our Minnie $5000 well spent

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