Bipolar Knowledge Is Power

As I sat at the cafe having my first cup of morning coffee preparing to work on my blog, all I could think was how watching the kids and the holidays has me exhausted.

Eventually my mind shifted to what was going on around me. The tables were needing waited on, cook is trying to do both. Her waitress had called in sick.

My switch flipped to mania in a split second. I told her I use bot do this for a living, go cook I got this. I still have it. I rocked. I felt more like myself than I had in years, and productive at that. At the end of the day the owner asked if I could do weekends, out of my mouth came,”Until Christmas.”. And just like that I had added more stress to my life.

On the upside the extra income will help with propane and Christmas gifts for the grandkids. I keep telling myself it is only four weekends, eight days. I can do this. The question is how will it affect my bipolar or how my disorder will be while working with a second waitress? God help us both!

Years ago when I waitressed I didn’t know I had bipolar, I just thought I was a perfectionist. This experience will be different. I have many years of learned coping skills. Knowledge is power!

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