About Me

I’m a beautiful mess!

I love my family more than words can say. How a select few have put up with my moods for this long is amazing to me.

I’m guessing I’ve had these diseases for nearly 35 years. I am not ashamed of my diseases, but of my behaviors occasionally.

I struggled with my weight most of my adult life. Reaching nearly 360 pounds, I had gastric bypass in 2009. It threw me into an identity crisis. I knew who Jill the fat wheezing crippled mom was. But I had no idea who I was anymore.

It’s been 11 years and for the most part I’ve kept the weight off. It still isn’t easy. Drugs have never been an addiction for me, but food has. And controlling abuse men. I figured the man part out, but the food is still a struggle.

I’m using this site as a journal of my daily moods, good or bad. And I love to write poetry when I have the time.

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