Rosella The Cat Without Rear Paws

Rosella was adopted from the humane society 7 years ago. She has no rear paws, and for a long time a angry bladder problem. Until recently she had never been outside. She started going to the door and meowing. I’ve been taking her on small outings. Not far because her nubs are tender and need to toughen up. She is a beautiful sweet kitty. I adopted her because her name is the same as my grandmothers.


Soft Hearted Man

It`s no wonder they love him!

This man who melts my heart, From all the others he is set apart.

This man that puts his needs last, he’s helped me forget that past.

This man with eyes of blue, has been better for me than I ever knew.

We have our days that’s for sure, for the bad days there’s no cure.

I see forever when I truly see the man he has become, it is him for me or none.

It has taken 20 years to get where we are, our lives are better by far.

This man is mine!