Eldest Brother

                     My Eldest Brother

He was just a teenager full of curiosity,

After that day the same he would never be.

All his curiosity left behind,

It was a desire for Christ he would find.

Thank goodness for the ones he loves,

He spends his time praying to the heavens above.

For the sins he thinks we commit,

He would pace and pray before he’d sit.

He has one of the kindest souls you will ever find,

A little leery but always kind.

Always reminding me how much every one needs me,

Which is something I don’t always see.

He is my eldest brother,

I would not want another.     

                                       Jill L. Ware

My brother one of the kindest people you will ever meet #schizoaffecticedisordersucks
bpd, Poetry

Borderline Personality Disorder

You are a true bitch, changing things at the drop of a hat.

Then the flip of a switch, everything is okay just like that.

When you love it is to the extreme, changing in an instant becoming hateful and mean.

Then you finally feel you belong, only to find you were wrong.

Approval you will always seek, I believe it makes you weak.

Open wounds do not scar, you just want to be loved for who you are.

The pain of the past doesn’t have to last. Talk about it hand it to the savior, the fire is lit changing your behavior.

You may not be as good as before, but a bitch you will be no more.

Jill L. Ware


Addiction Is No Racist

Red, yellow, green or blue, She will come after you.

No matter what gender, to her promises you will surrender.

She comes disguised as many things, with her chaos and lies she brings.

Sex, drugs and food to name a few, she will control all you do.

Not much to say you feel depleted, if she has her way you’ll be deleted.

You can tell her to find another, you are someone’s brother.

Hold your head up high, it won’t be easy I can’t lie.

Show her you are stronger than she, forever rehabilitated you will be.

Jill L. Ware



Them to you I’d always compAre, talk I’ll of you they not dare.

I loved you like no other, you were more than just a lover.

I think you often enough, do you remember us?

I wonder where you landed, where life has you planted.

You ruined me for them, forever yours I’ve always been.

I nearly fell apart, the day you broke my heart.

You sent me away, it wasn’t my time to stay.

For you. I left with my tail tucked, you gone forever truly sucked.

Now I think of you just once in a while, veery seldom ending with a smile.

I just thought you should know before I let you go, you ruined me for them, forever yours I’ve always been.

Jill L. Ware


Or Not!

Questioning every thought and decision. I must be exact, have precision.

Does my illness have me thinking the wrong thought? Or am I thinking normal? I bet not.

Did I embarrass myself or do oaky? Did they look at me in a strange way?

I wish I didn’t talk so much, that I’d think before speaking and such.

I have never liked my face, always looking at it in disgrace.

I hope they aren’t mad at me, who is it I’m supposed to be?

When will this house get old, I move a lot I am told.

Who was on the phone? Don’t talk to me in that tone.

Did they really talk to me that way? Or is it my illness, I can’t say.

Imagine a time I didn’t think twice. Believe me, it wasn’t nice.

Am I thinking wrong or not?


My Prince Is Found

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, you gave your life upon that post.

I had looked far and wide, you were always at my side.

I needed someone to love me, but when blind you cannot see.

In a stable you were born, from this world you were torn.

Sent from heaven you set me free, so that forever you could be.

I will praise your name on high, sending prayers toward the sky.

I will never deny your name, it’s for those like me you came.

With you I can do many things, one day earning my wings.

My prince is alive and well, in his house I will forever dwell.

Jill L. Ware