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A Fall Day

The flag blows as to say, “Look at me!”. The ever changing colors of the trees.

Chimes hang from the gutters with care, the tunes they are quite rare.

The brass bell swaying just a bit, awaiting my departure in the trees the birds sit.

The sky a vibrant blue, fluffy clouds stare back at you.

Mums, gourds, pumpkins and spice, all that makes everything nice.

Today a day for the books, a fall day as beautiful as it looks.

Jill L. Ware

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Unrest In The World

I have no idea if this is just racism, or if it’s political tactics, or just plain stupidity. But for those of us with already underlining mental issues it can make us uneasy, paranoid and just plain scared. Oh wait! You don’t even have to have mental illness to have this affect your lives and moods.

It is not a black or white thing. It is a police brutality thing. Would there be this much unrest if it had been a black cop and a white victim that couldn’t breathe? I just don’t understand why these rioters find it necessary to destroy buildings and businesses that owners work hard for and some that our tax dollars pay for.

I just want my children to be safe. My grandchildren and my friends to not be affected by this. How can they not be? Turn off social media and hide them under a rock.

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve started several poems lately, finished none. Just like all of my other projects, half done. I always have to have irons in a fire going. My husband is spending a few days by himself at the lake. Maybe I will get a few projects finished with the extra space.

When life requires solitude!



The majority of our country is quarantined,

From a virus called COVID-19.

Many of us afraid, as we should be.

Restrictions have been made, now we wait and see.

This does not only affect me,

For thousands of deaths there will be.

Please tell family and friends to stay away,

They can come visit another day.

Pray that our wait isn’t long,

And that the statistics are wrong.

When this finally ends,

Will normal ever be again?

Quarantined with my two best buddies!
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