Time For Me

Putting others needs before my own, it is a behavior that I’ve always known.

Never learning to say No, making it impossible to just go.

I need some quite time just for me, a place to go and just Be.

Exhaustion isn’t far away, it’s lurking just around the Bay.

I am busy as can be, slowing down is only up to me.

My body is weak as my mind races on, my strength nearly gone.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m sure No is a word you won’t hear me say.

I’ll try to find strength to carry on, after all every day starts with a new dawn.

I just want to find time for myself!

Every one smiles for pictures!

Published by Jill L. Ware

Hello! I am a lot of things. First and foremost, I am me. Like it or leave it I believe God made me just as I am. That I need to go through these trials and tribulation to become who it is I am meant to be. does it suck? yes it does. I have two sons and three granddaughter and one on the way. I've been diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder for several years. This is a way to let my words out, get them out of my head. You are not alone in your struggle with these diseases, it's exhausting trying to be normal. Or what we percieve as normal.

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